California Near Space Project (CNSP) is pleased to announce the launch of our latest project, Super Pressure Orbiting Communications (SPOC). The primary goal of the SPOC Project is to design and build Super Pressure Balloons that will orbit the world with amateur radio communications. The SPOC Project will use Scientific Balloon Solutions new machine seamed multi-gore Super Pressure Balloons. This will allow us to fly at higher altitudes for long duration missions.

The SPOC Project will be an International effort, recruiting the most talented people with specialties in this field. We will be promoting STEM Education so teachers and students can follow the SPOC flights to learn more about aviation, weather, geography and amateur radio communications.

There will be two launch sites for the SPOC Project. The first will be in the Northern Hemisphere, Silicon Valley, California. The second will be in the Southern Hemisphere, Australia.

The SPOC payloads will use different types of communications with each flight. Some will include. APRS, WSPR, Digipeater, Global IoT network using Lorawan, Mesh networking over balloons and Emergency communications for time of disaster.



Project Director

Ron Meadows, K6RPT

Super Pressure Development

Lee Meadows

Communications Development

Andy Nguyen, VK3YT


Mark Conner, N9XTN



Flight #             SPOC-1

Envelope          Machine Seamed SBS Multi-Gore

Tracking           Solar Powered, WSPR, Skytracker

Launch              Launch site, Silicon Valley, California

Flight #      SPOC-2

Envelope   SBS Multi-Gore, Ready for flight

Tracking    TBA

Launch      TBA

Flight #      SPOC-3

Envelope   SBS Multi-Gore, Shipping to Southern Hemisphere launch site

Tracking    TBA

Launch      TBA

Flight #      SPOC-4

Envelope   SBS Multi-Gore, Ordered

Tracking    TBA

Launch      TBA