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CNSP & Scientific Balloon Solutions

California Near Space Project (CNSP) has been working on techniques for long duration balloon flights. We pushed the latex weather balloons far beyond their normal capability. In 2011 we flew CNSP-11, the very first latex balloon to ever cross the Atlantic; it flew from California to the Mediterranean Sea. We flew a second latex balloon across the Atlantic again in 2012.

We realized that we needed to move forward with a new technology. This new CNSP project was to design and build a Super Pressure Balloon for ultra-long duration flights. This project is called “SPEED,” Super Pressure Evolution Efficiency Design.

The primary goal of the SPEED Project was to design and build successful Super Pressure Balloons. The evolution of efficiency and design with a Super Pressure Balloon requires extensive testing of candidate films including, tensile strength, film weight, gas permeation, seaming techniques, solar heating and geometric design.

The project leader of SPEED is Lee Meadows; he has designed and built several custom Super Pressure Balloons. Most recently, flights CNSP-21, CNSP-24, CNSP-29 and CNSP-30 that flew around the world. CNSP will continue to refine the techniques used in our SPEED Project to push the evolution of efficiency and design in the Super Pressure Balloons we build.

We now have the technology to move forward and start a new company called Scientific Balloon Solutions. This allows access to Super Pressure Balloon technology, for scientists, STEM education, and high altitude balloon groups to fly ultra-long duration missions.

Scientific Balloon Solutions is a scientific balloon manufacturing company that designs and builds ultra-long duration Super Pressure Balloons. These Super Pressure Balloons are made using Aerospace film for superior performance.

Our balloons are designed to be pressurized during both day and night, providing greater stability at float altitude and allowing for more scientific data collection, research and development of sensors, satellite simulation, engineering and communication advances.

Today our company’s Super Pressure Balloon design and development has made long duration missions at an affordable price a reality. Our Super Pressure Balloons are the most cost effective solution on the market today, allowing STEM education and the science community to fly more missions. Along with cost savings, this platform allows the flexibility to change the payload technology with each flight, allowing for the most cutting edge developments to fly each time.


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