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Super Pressure Balloon Flight, November 25, 2014

CNSP-20   K6RPT-11



CNSP-20,Transcontinental Super Pressure Balloon flight


California Near Space Project (CNSP) launched a Super Pressure Balloon from Silicon Valley California on Tuesday, November 25, 2014, flight # CNSP-20; call sign K6RPT-11. This is another one of our SPEED Project missions to push the evolution of efficiency and design. The flight achieved a successful float at 37,000 feet. CNSP-20 flew through southern California and on Wednesday November 26, 2014 we received reports from Mexico. The next reports from the flight was on Thursday November 27, 2014 as it passed by Huston, Texas and then to The Gulf of Mexico. On Friday November 28, 2014 CNSP-20 flew over Cape Canaveral, Florida completing a successful Transcontinental Super Pressure Balloon flight. Later that day, we received the last APRS reports over the Atlantic.