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High Altitude Balloon Floater, December 11, 2011

CNSP-12   K6RPT-12

Maximum Altitude 122,748



Lee Meadows of CNSP Payload Engineering took the lead for this flight. It was his calculations that made it possible for CNSP-12 to achieve this float altitude.

CNSP-12 (K6RPT-12) reached a maximum float altitude of 122,748 feet AGL and traveled 18 hours from San Jose, California to Indiana.

CNSP would like to thank Howard Brooks, KC9QBN, of DePauw University. He recovered the payload and what’s left of the balloon out of a tree in Indiana and mailed it back to CNSP in California.



Frank Meadows, KA6TVU walking out CNSP-12 for launch.

Flight Information

High Altitude Floater

 APRS Tracking on 144.39