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High Altitude Balloon Launch on October 23, 2011

CNSP-10   K6RPT-11

Maximum Altitude 136,545



CNSP-10 (K6RPT-11)  reached a record breaking altitude of 136,545 feet AGL.

Lee Meadows of CNSP Payload Engineering took the lead for this flight. It was his calculations that made it possible for CNSP-10 to achieve this altitude.

The Stratofox Aerospace Tracking & Recovery Team did an outstanding job recovering the CNSP-10 payload. See their full story at,


News Links

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Video Links By Michael Wright, K6MFW of CNSP

Launch of CNSP-10, 136,545 ft amateur balloon altitude record!

Video of CNSP-10 on APRS.FI site as it achieved altitude record of 136,545 feet


Lee Meadows of CNSP Payload Engineering watching the floating arm scale.

Flight Information

High Altitude Attempt

 APRS Tracking on 144.39