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High Altitude Balloon Launch on February 12, 2011

CNSP-06   K6RPT-15

Last Reported Altitude 110,889



The flight was doing well until it reached an altitude of 54,475 feet. Then we stopped receiving APRS packets at 60 second intervals. We only received two more packets after that, 75,465 and 110,889. We believe the APRS tracker had a defective antenna.

The Stratofox tracking & recovery teams were in the Central Valley for the recovery, one team in a plane and teams on the ground.

The Stratofox team reported being able to see the balloon burst at 10:12 a.m., at that point the balloon would have been 42 feet in diameter. That is 17 minutes after the last packet we received at 110,889 feet. The average accent rate between 75,465 and 110,889 was 1265 fpm. If the flight continued at that rate for 17 more minutes, we should have reached an altitude of 132,394 feet.

The tracker has not been recovered.



Flight Information

High Altitude Attempt

APRS Tracking on 144.39