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Super Pressure Balloon Flight, November 2, 2020

CNSP-34   K6RPT-1

California Near Space Project (CNSP) launched a Super Pressure Balloon from Silicon Valley California on Monday, November 2, 2020, flight # CNSP-34; call sign K6RPT-1. This is a SBS-13 v2, Machine Seamed Super Pressure Balloon, with a float altitude of 46,000 feet or 14 km. This flight is testing a new payload for our SPOC Project , Super Pressure Orbiting Communications.  This Lora tracker is built and designed by Andy, VK3YT, it utilizes an ARM Cortex microcontroller interfacing with Ublox GPS and Lora transmitter, running on solar power. Geo-fencing is used to deploy the tracker as part of the global The Things Network (TTN) IOT infrastructure, conforming to the regional LoraWAN specifications.


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