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 High Altitude Balloon Launch on February 5, 2011

CNSP-05   K6RPT-13

Maximum Altitude 107,116



When we rolled the out the 3000 gram balloon to start the fill, we noticed it had very inconsistent color and translucent areas with one large patch that looked like it was thicker and less translucent. We were very concerned about the quality of the balloon.

Our new system for weighing the balloon’s free lift worked well, and we launched K6RPT-13 around 7:55 a.m. The flight reached an altitude of 107,116 feet. At that point the balloon must have developed a hole as it started descending at 3,000 fpm. A normal decent after a burst would have been 10,000 fpm.

After looking at all the flight data, and considering the balloon’s inconsistent color with translucent areas, we feel the balloon was defective.



Flight Information

High Altitude Attempt

APRS Tracking on 144.39