California Near Space Project Incorporated is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that specializes in high-altitude ballooning. The high-altitude balloons we launch are used to enhance our understanding of a variety of topics such as: photography, meteorology, radio and payload design, as well as launching and tracking technology. We currently hold the world record for distance traveled by an unmanned latex weather balloon flight.


Meet the Team

California Near Space Project Inc. 
Super Pressure Development
Lee Meadows
Payload Engineering
Ron Meadows K6RPT
Lee Meadows
Johnathan Corgan AE6HO
John Malsbury KI4MTT
Ian Kluft KO6YQ
Tracking & Recovery Teams
Don Ferguson AI6RE
Linda Ferguson KE6BEO
Don Irving N6DRB
Raymond Rogoway W6RAR
Andy Mrozek KI6ZHC
Vivian Mrozek KJ6AQA
Stratofox Aerospace Tracking & Recovery
Launch Support
Frank Meadows KA6TVU
Chemical Engineering
Dick Rossman
Repeater Communications
John Glass NU6P
Tom Server NT6S
Michael Wright K6MFW
Bob Snelgrove KG6TBY
Web, Marketing, and PR
John Malsbury KI4MTT

Get Involved

If you are interested in assisting CNSP in achieving its mission there are two ways you can contribute. As a non-profit organization, we accept tax-deductible donations. To donate, click on the button below.


If you would like to volunteer with the group in a technical or other capacity, please contact us.